November 2011

Article about MERCURY-EU revised.

DL1SNG Coupler

August 2011

My new project is the DL1SNG Antenna Coupler, as described in ''Funkamateur'' issue 11/01 to 11/04.



March 2011

First pictures of the METIS board

March 2010

HERCULES description and construction manual added.

January 2010

The Penelope construction manual now completed. The document text is in english language but the pictures are international so that everybody can understand them.


September 2009

I have added a german translation of the PENELOPE manual as well as the JANUS & OZY manual

Pls look at HPSDR ---> Documentation


May 2009

Obviously Phil Covington, N8VB, has left the HPSDR project and has taken with him the '' domain.

The project can since May 01, 2009 be reached under the new name


May 2009

- Printed circuit boards, kits of parts as well as complete HPSDR sets are available in Germany now

- Please drop me a mail (via Mailform on the left or study the adds in 'Funkamateur'